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    PetsTastic I Self-Cleaning Brush

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    Treat Your Furry Friend



    If brushing your cat or dog always:
    ❌ Leaves fur on your clothes and furniture
    ❌ Becomes a long and messy task
    ❌ Causes finger and wrist discomfort
    ❌ Triggers allergies

    Or looks like this 👇🏻 ... We're here to make a change!

    Your grooming sessions just got waaaaay easier

    All the convenience, none of the fuss. Say goodbye to the messy, time-consuming, and uncomfortable grooming sessions—for both you and your pet. What's more, our durable, easy-grip design ensures stability and won't strain your wrist.

    Our Self-Cleaning Brush has fine wire bristles that are gently bent, making it easy to reach deep into your pet's undercoat without causing any scratches or irritation. It's all about relaxation, no hassle.

    Get yours now before they sell out (again)


    It's simple! Just brush through your pet's fur, press the button, and remove the excess hair. Then, repeat! 

    Thanks to the automatic button, cleanups are a breeze. The brush is instantly free of fur and ready for your next grooming session. 👋

    Regular brushing of your cat or dog will help decrease the significant amounts of loose and excess hair they typically carry. 

    This will also keep your floors, furniture, and clothes free of fur. Say goodbye to those pesky hairballs! 👋

    Absolutely! Our Self-Cleaning Brush is effective on all fur types, whether it's long or short. 

    Well, maybe not so much for Sphynx cats, but they might still enjoy the gentle massage! The Self-Cleaning Brush is also suitable for pets of any size.

    We understand that some cats really enjoy grooming, while others aren't as keen. That's why we designed our Self-Cleaning Brush with your finicky feline in mind.

    The fine wire bristles, slightly bent inward and coated, allow you to reach deep into your pet's undercoat while remaining extra gentle on their sensitive skin. Your cat might think, 'Is it grooming? Is it a massage? Hmm, I'm not entirely sure, but it's not so bad. A little to the right, please. A bit more. Yeah, that's what I'm meowing about.' It will feel like a relaxing spa session, we promise!

    Definitely! In fact, we're fairly confident it could work on lions too, although we're not particularly eager to test that theory.

    On a serious note, our Self-Cleaning Brush is suitable for dogs and cats of all sizes, regardless of whether they have short, medium, or long fur. It's the brush we use on our own Beagle pup, and he absolutely adores it!

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