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    PetsTastic I POWER BALL

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    Treat Your Furry Friend

    💡 Smart
    ↩️ Changes direction when touched
    🛑 Avoids obstacles on its own
    🐭 Mimics prey movements
    🔋 Lasts up to 3 hours per charge
    🤫 Quiet

    Cats are born hunters, and they love a good chase. That's where the POWER BALL shines.

    This high-tech ball imitates the movements of your cat's favorite prey, keeping their hunting instincts alive and well. It's a fun, engaging toy that your cat will love.

    Obstacle Detection

    he Power Ball is equipped with advanced sensor technology, enabling it to detect obstacles and adjust its direction automatically. This ensures that the ball keeps moving and continually presents your cat with new challenges.


    The ball responds instantly to your cat's touches. When your cat paws at the ball, it changes direction and speed, stimulating your cat's natural instincts and maintaining their interest in the ball.

    Smart Mode

    The Power Ball includes the exclusive Smart Mode, enabling your cat to activate the toy on its own. With a simple tap, your cat can start the ball rolling and enjoy playtime, even when you're not at home.

    Beschreibung des Bildes
    Beschreibung des Bildes


    No need to worry, unless your furniture is made of cotton candy or clouds! :) The Power Ball is wrapped in a silicone skin that keeps it soft and safe for your furniture.

    Charging the Power Ball is a breeze. It comes with an integrated USB-C port and a USB-C cable. Simply connect the Power Ball to a wall socket, your phone, PC, or laptop. No need to worry about battery replacements.

    Not at all. The electronics are very quiet, and the Power Ball is wrapped in a soft silicone skin, ensuring that it rolls quietly.

    No, it's highly unlikely unless your cat is a lion. The Power Ball is exceptionally robust and designed without visible screws. The tab that covers the USB port is fully integrated into the ball, so your cat can't bite it off.

    Nope! When you get your Power Ball, just make sure to charge it using the included USB cable. Then, press and hold the button for a few seconds to turn it on. It's that easy!

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